Dental Care

We believe in the value of a beautiful, healthy smile. At our “Ratan’s Dental” we understand that looking great can make you feel great, so we offer a full range of procedures - from tooth whitening to dental implants - designed to get you smiling again. Whatever type of care you need, we'll do our best to exceed your expectations with premium dental care and cosmetic dentistry solutions.



We gave Medication during treatment. We do not give medicines in all cases. We gave medicine in Infectious & Chronic cases. But mostly we can avoid medicine,because we use fully sterile instrument,so there is very less chance to have any infection after having treatment in our clinic.

Mouth care

Dental Check

Visit your dentist three times in a year for regular checkup.

X-Ray and medical tools


Primary objective is to diagnose, develop protocols, and treat our patients in the most effective way possible..


Care Advice

Brush your teeth twice a day. Use mouth wash. Visit your dentist three times in a year for routine cheek up.