Our Service

We Maintain Highly Sophisticated Sterilization System To Prevent Any Kind Of Infection.

  • We treat gum bleeding by ultrasonic air scalar.
  • We polish the stain of tooth and make it shiny by Ultra polishing.
  • We do painless Extraction.
  • Instead of Extraction we can save it by root canal process.
  • Avoid mercury poisoning, we don't do amalgam filling, we do composite filling by matching tooth.
  • Bridge: Permanent fixed solution for single or multiple missing teeth replacement .
  • Metallic/Porcelain crown prevent the tooth breaking.
  • Irregular/ mal- alignment tooth turn to well defined & anatomical form by doing orthodontic treatment (Fixed)
  • Full or partial denture and immediate denture.
  • Fix up loose tooth.
  • We do Implant to restore missing tooth Experienced Male and Female Dental Surgeon, Nurses are always at patients services.